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Addiction Avert is
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Addiction avert app for iPhone and Android provides interactive recovery tools in a technological age. When you are at a recovery meeting and something sticks in your head, type or record it in your Addiction AVERT app to recall it later during a time of need or addiction craving. Put a STOP to using and a START to doing.




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If you have questions about our mission, making a donation, or have some constructive idea's about our addiction app, please send us an email. We strive to improve our efforts as funds become available. Thank you. 

Addiction Avert app
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Addiction Avert app
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Addiction AVERT for Android
Addiction AVERT for Android
Addiction AVERT for Android
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Addiction avert app for iPhone and Andrid will continue to receive updates.





Please help spread the news about the Addiction avert app for iPhone and Android. Tell a friend and share the link. If you like the addiction app, please write a review. If you would like to donate even $1.00 to help those who suffer from addiction, please click the donate button.

Thank you.

Stride for Recovery


Stride-for-Recovery was a walk-a-thon Rational Reflection launched in Dallas Texas in order to raise funds for addiction.

Disclaimer: Rational Reflections, addiction avert app and its employees is released from all legal responsibility or liability from sponsors, third party company's, and addiction avert app's users. Addiciton Avert app is for recovery motivation purposes only and the use of it accepts that no liability be held against Rational Reflections, Addiction Avert, it's employees or related business partners. Addiction Avert does not provide professional treatment. By using Addiction Avert, you signify your acceptance of this policy.













Addiction avert is available at the App Store under medical and lifestyle.

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